A stitch in side saves..um...no wait...

I did not a lot all weekend (except eat ham), so I got up this morning for a run. It was 0 out and snowing big fluffy flakes, so it was very pretty out, although randomly slippy in parts if I went off the paths, so I had to stick to them. I was doing 4 minutes run 2 minutes walk, when after after 3 times of that I got an insane stitch in my side. I ended up mostly walking the way back with little 1-2 minute run stretches, after which the stich would come back with a vengeance...it was still good for me, but rather annoying. I usually don't get side stitches, so it was a new thing. I have no idea how to dea lwith them
Do any of you get them...and do you run through them? Can you stretch them out? Is there a certain way to breathe to reduce them? I'm hoping this isn't a regular thing.

It was nice to be out this morning though. All the fluffy flakes falling were beautiful. SOmehow I don't mind snow when I know it won't be around for long...


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