Oh lordy, pick a bale of cotton...

I haven't worked out the past few days, as I've been spending all day (gah) moving labs and packing boxes of files and hauling and sorting and...well, it's exhausting enough without working out.
Also, my left shoulder is popping and a bit sore, so I'm sure I managed to damage it a bit. It's slightly sore, so I'm trying to be nice to my body so that I still have it round to use in April once all this moving business at work is done.
I so dearly wish that people would be more involved in their stuff sometimes - as most people involved are mad at the moving, they are doing nothing, partly due to being busy, but partly to make it as slow as possible. And little old me is picking up the slack to meet deadlines and make things happen. A student helped me yesterday which was wonderful...having an extra hand made it so much faster.
Well I must be off to the box mine...another day another shoulder injury.


Scrumpy's Baker said…
Oh I can so relate to your trouble with the work move. My favorite work-related quote is "Don't let lack of prior planning on your part become an emergency on my part." Yet somehow it always does.

Hope that shoulder heals quickly!
Geosomin said…
I love that quote.
I do believ eit may go up on my wall...

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