Snacketorium diversion

I'm watchinga gel run in the lab...and I'm thinking about food. Whenever I have breakfast (mini wheats again-yum...I swear I could live on them) I'm always hungry before lunch. I guess what they say about getting your metabolism going is true.

While out looking for healthy food at the grocery store last night, I stumbled across mango gelato. I love gelato. I've never been a huge iced cream fan, but anything fruity I love...I've been making fruit smoothies a lot lately as there isn't much for gelato out here on the prairies, but this gelato is actually really good. It is pretty much fat free and the mango flavour I ended up getting in a PMS snack attack ended up being a good thing -only 90 calories for 1/2 a cup. I tried some last night and it is *good*. So very good. It's hard to find healthy snacks, but I can add another treat to my list of things. I also rediscovered how much I love jello. And I rocks...I can make it in little containers and have it for myself all week in my lunches. Oh yeah.

We noticed that since we've tried to eat a lot of fruits and veggies and unprocessed foods our grocery bill has gone up, by about almost 1/3. It's significant, but we talked about it, and after many years as a broke student eating potatoes and apple juice, I love being able to eat "real" food - food that is healthy. We've decided that this year is the year of eating healthy. We have a fridge and pantry full of healthy ingredients...I think that the gelato and some popcorn flavouring were the only truly snacky stuff we bought...and that is good. Both of us cannot always resist snacking when there's snacks in the house, but when you have to go and *get* them (especially now when it's cold out) it makes you think about how much you actually want it. Usually the laziness wins out over the snackery :)

I found a new way to ration our cookie snackery. I remembered a trick from when I was a baker in university...I'm going to make a batch of cookie dough and portion it out into balls. Then I'll bake 8 of them and freeze the rest of the dough. Not only will I have fresh cookies, but only a few for the 2 of us AND we can bake a few fresh ones next week by just pulling them out in the morning and baking them once they less # of freshly baked cookies for everyone.
We'll keep ourselves from eating the whole 3 dozen in 3-4 days too, which is definitely good. I'm also going to get a mini muffin pan this weekend, so we can still have muffins...only smaller. :)

Why am I on about food? Well, it's not lunch yet and I'm hungry. I'm trying to do something on my break to maybe placate my body by just thinking about food...but it hasn't worked. I'm off to drink a bunch of water and see if that will help.
Have a tasty day all


Crabby McSlacker said...

What a great idea about freezing the cookie dough.

We make a fairly healthy winter wheat chocolate chip cookie, but it's still a cookie. We tend to go through them by the dozens when we make the whole recipe, so we should think about freezing most of it.

But then doughballs are awfully tasty too...

Scrumpy's Baker said...

It is amazing how much the fruits and veggies cost, isn't it? It always reminds me of why less fortunate folks generally eat such crap. It just doesn't seem right!

Geosomin said...

Too true...I'd forgotten how good frozen dough could be.
Now I have to forget :)