Sleep. That's where I'm a viking.

No workout today as I, quite honestly, feel like crap. I came home from work and ended up going to bed early stiff, headachy and crampy. And now? Well, I ache a bit less and with the help of a bunch of Advil my head is down to a dull throb, but still feel rather lousy and my stomach is uneasy. If I didn't have work to do I would have stayed home.
Luckily J works tonight so I can come home, drink lots of tea and go to bed early if I must...I think I must.
If I feel better I"ll hop on the elliptical tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath. This achy not quite totally sick but kind of sick thing has been going around work I think that despite my neurotic handwashing I've managed to pick it up.
Ah well.
Only a few more hours and it is back home to my wonderful bed.

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