creaking I am all crampy and quite stiff on top of it all...and not feeling to well to boot. Yesterday was a LONG day and today is the same. So I wimped out and slept in and didn't work out this morning. I have a long day with work and meetings, and PMS to boot, so I hope the extra sleep helps. As usual, the lunges and squats made me uber stiff and add that to cramps and I don't know how much I could have done this morning. I suppose I could have tried but the bed was so comfy...we put a new duvet on last night and it is like sleeping under a marshmallow. I love it. So warm...
I will be good and workout tomorrow...but for now, I'm off, creaking and groaning into a long day.
Have a nice day all :)


Scrumpy's Baker said…
I totally think we all need a day off once in awhile to get our bodies rested and "hungry" for that exercise again.

Girly time just sucks, you deserve some rest!
Cara said…
i was like that 2 days ago. geesh! haha. I hate when it interferes with working out more, although feeling all creeky shows that you are working well!

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