I need to read labels more

I just got a bag of flavoured tostitos from the vending machine for a snack. It's leading up to finals so things were pretty picked over for choice, but I though "how bad can they be?" and got a small bag.
After 3 chips I looked at the back to discover that I was bout to eat 24g of fat and 400 calories. In a tiny 50g bag!
I'm proud of myself - they went straight into the bin and I'm drinking from my water bottle...didn't eat any more of them. The old me would say "you paid for them - don't let that go to waste". My calore intake is more important that wasting $1.25.
Besides, I did not need those empty calories anyways...I'd rather nibble on the good stuff...I need to start keeeping fruit at work for times like this.


Scrumpy's Baker said...

Good for you for throwing them out! That wasting money thing is a huge obsticle for me as well.

LisaN said...

You did great............:)

When you spend your calories on something healthy, I call it "Calorie Shopping."

BTW, if you're interested I just finished a series of articles about fruits and vegetables for National Nutrition Month and using them as snack food was mentioned several times..........:)

Cara said...

Wow good job keeping your thoughts on the right track :-)