This morning I did my ball workout and then 20 lunges on each side and 30 squats...I'm not stiff, but I can feel the fatigue in my legs and but when I go up the stairs this morning...a good workout. It feels good to push yourself a bit.
I'm feeling a bit better today...I pulled out some "skinny" jeans from the summer that are rather low waisted and put them on today...and they look OK. So I wore them...that always makes you feel good. Plus I died my hair yesterday...$12 for a box of rich mahogany hair. It seems superficial for those to cheer me up, but I *do* feel better today...hope it goes better, as I've lots to do.
Gotta go!

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Scrumpy's Baker said...

Hey, on a day to day basis, it's the superficial stuff that pulls us through. :)