But baby it's cold outside...

Well, this morning I did 38 minutes at resistance 3, mostly at inclune 15%, but I started to alternate between 10-20% in the last 10 minutes as I was getting bored. 38 minutes is a long time to do something with only a wall to look at. The music helped, and knowing I burned 562 calories is nice, but *man*, I need to get outside again. It's been windy and cold lately, with all the snow melting into ice so it's not nice enough out yet to run without falling and hurting myself.
I'll log today's food tomorrow...for now, I'm off. Lots to do.
I've had a dissapointment at work (something we discovered isn't what we thought) so I'm a bit bummed out...and have lots to do so I have to get back at it. I know we learn from things that *aren't* but for once I'd love to spend lots of time and discover something cool...

Mujsic to workout to: Shout Out Out Out - Not Saying, Just Saying


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