I have just discovered something I now (of course) desperately need...a Garmin Forerunner 405 sportswatch. Not only is it a cool watch, and similar in function to the older Garmin Forerunner gadgets, it looks cool (I want the green one) has dial control(touch dial...mee hee), an adjustable, backlit sportswatch with lap and other time functions....BUT it links up to your computer and automatically downloads your run info to it so you can track and watch your progress (even your heart rate!)...AND it has a GPS...AND if you know someone else with one, they will interact and share data so you can virtually run against each other...of course then all my friends (real and imaginary) would need to have one...but how cool is THAT?
Geeks Ahoy!
I've looked at the 305 series forerunner gadgetry wistfully as taking my running to the "next level" (whatever that means) by tracking my running info, but didn't take it seriously, as I have enough trouble remember ing my inhaler and water when I get up to run...so I'd probably forget it a lot...or lose it. But having it all together and in a watch that looks a lot like the one I currently have? Well, that's just cool...and less easy for me to lose!
Not only do I need a new watch soon, with a stopwatch/timer and alarm function that is backlit (for work in the lab and running in the dark)....the other options are cool too. And altho I have a sportswatch, which is a decent one...the lap functions are very confusing and easy to hit the wrong button on, and the backlight only comes on for 5 seconds when you tilt your watch towards you...which is really cool...BUT if you do it at the wrong time while running in the dark as I often do, by the time you get round to focusing on your wrist at a time when you won't trip and fall down the light is gone it goes off and you can't see it. And I like to watch the time as I run...don't know why. I just do. The only thing I can see against this little thingy is it is only water resistant and not waterproof...but I think I should be old enough by now to remember to take it off when I shower and swim (I hope)...
And so now I have decided I need this gadget I do. Heh...what else do I need $350 for? I could go downstairs to the big pile of money I keep in my basement (you know, for rolling around in and drinking fine wine on top of when I feel a bit blue) and grab a few bills and get one forthwith...I'm sure I'll just have saved up enough money for it when a new snazzier version will come out, but that may be a good thing.

Go go gadget geek...
Who'd have thought I'd want a gadget that WASN'T a kitchen doohicky?

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Cara said...

i want this too! let me know if you get it! I want to see how it works for you. :-)