Good for me but boo for Garmin...

I did 30 minutes on the cross trainer this morning and ate breakfast, so I've started off things well today. I plan healthy meals, but I have a meeting over supper time so hopefully I won't inhale everything I see when I get home afterwards...

I am rather pissed off at Garmin, who make the nifty toy I went on about in yesterdays post. Why? Well the base price of the thing is ~315 BUT to have al the nifty options it talks about on the ad like it's part of it, you need to add a 115 dollar pedometer and a 90 dollar heart rate monitor and strap. That makes it about $520 and not the $315 it says in the ad. I absolutely detest it when companies advertise their products and say all it can do...and leave out the costly add ons without *saying* they're add ons. OK, mostly I'm pissed off as I could sort of justify ~$300 for a watch and run tracker, but $500? In my dreams. I could paint my whole living room with that. Garmin is a good company - they make good GPS and monitor systems, which is why I'm pissed at them for falling into the "make it look cheaper so people will buy it" ad trap. I guess, I'll just look at a cheaper pedometer/heartrate thingy...but it won't ever be as cool as this thingy was.
I'm on a quest this month to drink 5 glasses of water a day, as I realised I drink little to none of it (yesterday I drank 6 cups of coffee, but no water...bad). Hopefully I can get things done in the lab with all the peeing I'll have to do. We'll see. I need to get back into regular life, healthiness.
The exercise is a start....we'll keep going form there. (but without a cool watchmotchmotch...*sniff*)


Cara said…
my best advice on drinking more water is getting a 1 liter bottle and just force yourself to finish it by the end of the day. It basically transformed how I drink water. Now I have to finish it before I leave work or else I am in trouble. With who you ask? My mind. hahah.

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