Starting up a brand new day

Robin Hood and Little John
Romping through the forest...
ooodelalee oodelalee, golly what a day!

Reminiscing this and that
and having such a good time
ooodelalee ooodelalee, golly what a day...

Well...I had a mellow holiday season, and rounded up the new year at a retreat in a winter camp. After days of relaxing and eating the most delicious foods I feel refreshed and wonderful...and woefully out of shape.
But it is a new year...and as of next week (to fit in a few more days of focused, concentrated slackery) I am back on the road to uberfitness.

This fall I was in the best shape I have ever been in my life...and I miss it. I felt good. Now I was good over the crazy eating or anything, so my weight is the same...but my fitness? Oh not so good. I've gone for lots of walks but no hard on concentrated work outs. It was more mental and spiritual exercise and thoughts and so when I spring back to normal life...I find that I am wiggly and jiggly. I bet it'll take most of January to get back even close to where I was before. I miss the inner energy I had and look forward to it's return.
And it is funny - I used to beat myself up about things like this. I'd get all self deprecating and hateful and think I'd failed...but over the past few months or so things have changed perspective wise. I'm pretty fine if I do say so...and I know I'm just a hop and skip away from fitness again. Relaxing is fun, but it turns out I actually *like* to exercise. I like how it makes me feel.

So here are my fitness resolutions for the new year:

-Continue to work out regularly (at least every other day)
-Get back to running as soon as the snow melts...I miss it!
-Continue to eat less processed foods and focus on eating more wholesome, locally sourced,foods. Maybe even some organic food. There are so many foods I have yet to try, and so many new things to try and eat.
-Continue my quest for healthy snackery
-Cook one new healthy recipe a month
-Balance my mind and my body - spend at least a night a week doing something mentally taxing - work on my stained glass, or research a new topic I'm interested in.
-Take the time for remember why I am doing all these things and that I'm worth it. :)

I figure that's enough to start with...
Happy new year everyone


The Major said...

Well good fun with that. Sounds like a lot of fun...

Crabby McSlacker said...

"Continue my quest for healthy snackery," I love it!

All the rest are great resolutions too--good luck with 'em!