Lazy but tasty

The holiday crunch (and munch) is on.
I'm a weakly willed woman...I get over temptation by simply not having tempting food in my house. But now, everywhere I go there are chocolates, and so many nibbly Christmas parties. What's a woman to do?
I'm embarrased to say my workout regimen has collapsed. With working all day and then all night, I have little energy for workouts, but I keep trying to remind myself, that exercise is critical. I'm being a suck because I can't run...
Tomorrow morning will be my first workout in a few weeks. I've been doing lots of walking and hiking outside so it hasn't been a total write off, but no hard core sweat a lot feel good workouts.
So I must kick myself in the ass and get back to it.
I'm also trying to work out a snack policy for the holidays. I have no problem resisting sweet stuff (never been a candy or chocolate freak) but anything salty or hordervey gets me every time. I think I'll limit myself to 1 of whatever I see and go from there. The hardest part is the eggnog. I could drink nog with rum all day if you let me...and the light stuff doesn't taste as I"m learning the tiny prtions trick. I don't want to deny myself things, but the tricks of filling up with lemony diet pop and low cal veggies can't replace a few choice nibbleys!
How do you all deal with the holiday munchies?
And, do you have any tasty low cal munchies to share?

Here's my favorite:
1 block low fat cream cheese (softened)
1/2 cup low fat mayo
1/2 red pepper diced up small
4 shallots diced up small.
1/2 t dill
1/2 t pepper
1/2 t garlic
Mix it all up together and spread onto 5 spinach or tomato torilla shells...roll up and wrap with saran and chill. Right before serving, cut up into little discs and serve...yummy!


Cara said...

mmm that sounds delish!

Milf Gone Wild said...

I get round putting on weight during the holidays by being very antisocial and not going to any of the parties I'm invited to!

Crabby McSlacker said...

I'm better at home than I am at parties. Somehow, moderation just goes out the door! Fortunately for my waistline, if not my social life, I don't go to more than a couple of holiday events every year so there's only so much damage I can do. If I were more popular, I had have to do some serious thinking about how to cope!