It snuck up on me

OK...yesterday was a lousy day, but ended well. So this morning I got up and did 30 minutes on the cross trainer...then I stepped on the scale in a fit of stupidity.
Not cool. I've somehow gained 4-5 a few weeks. How does that happen?
Ah well...Nothing for it but to be more diligent. Bit of a downer tho. Guess my feelings of rotundity were real...
I'm the hibernating sort and my metabolism is slower than I have to stop snacking and get back to being active. I've been very bad over the holidays...but it never kicked in until now I suppose. You just never know...staying inside from the cold has made me lethargic and I guess I will have to be more active.
Today was a good start. I managed 30 minutes without needing my inhaler - it was hard but I did it. After the scale, I'm glad I did. I'll check back with it in a few weeks and see how things are.
Stupid scale.


the Bag Lady said...

Your scale must be related to the Bag Lady's scale...f*cking thing. Almost threw it out this morning...must be broken...can't possibly have gained that much...F*CK!

Geosomin said...

I wish I could blame the scale :)
My comfy jeans are letting me know that they aren't as comfy as they were.

Cara said...

At least it got you back to exercising. You can thank it later for that ;-)

Reb said...

I have an exercise for your asthma that might help.

Lie on the floor on your back, breath in through your nose filling your lungs from the bottom (expand that diaphragm) as much air as you can get in. Exhale all in one short fast burst (like someone punched you in the gut) through your mouth (pursed lips like blowing out a candle). Repeat until you start to cough or get lightheaded.

Do this before your exercises, drink coffee and then when your breathing is back to normal try your exercises. It should force out any overnight build up of phlegm and such in your bronchial tubes.

Hope this helps.