Frozen and lazy

I confess to not working out the last 2 days. Yesterday due to a crisis of coldness actually freezing our car up and this morning I slept in a I am lazy.
I can't believe I saw people jogging yesterday. It was -52 degrees and people were jogging. Today is about 8 degrees still stupidly cold. i wore ski gogles to the bus so my eyeballs wouldn't freeze on the 15 minute walk. Often I wonder why people moved out here...I can't imagine it here without sentral heating.

I did shovell snow yesterday for 20 minutes and thought I'd die from the cold air...had to use my inhaler. Someone should smack those jogging people...when it's cold enough to die out you shouldn't go for a jog! Of course, all I did was shovel some I'm not one to talk.

I'm working out extra tomorrow...


Cara said...

How do their lungs and eyeballs not freeze? Do they use something special?

Reb said...

They are nuts! So are you with your asthma and shoveling. I know, it had to be done, but isn't that what hubby is for?

Penelope said...

I love giving you Canadians the weather report down here in southeast Texas.

Anyway, the high tomorrow is 64 and the low is forty. No sign of rain. It's really nice right now. However, earlier this month we had nothing but nasty rain and coldness (forties).

Don't be too jealous. We'll get ours come summer. Just think: 98 degrees 100 percent humidity. It's nine months of one bad hair day after another.

-- P