Crawled out of bed to find a blizzard.'s still snowing...and will be stupidly cold the next few days. We're talking -40 before you even bring in the wind.
Snow day tomorrow methinks...if it's below -40, risking death to get to work isn't my cup of tea.
This morning I did my 30 minutes on the elliptical with no problem.
Yes, I managed to get a replacement inhaler over the's so nice to breathe again! :)
Tomorrow is the ball...maybe elliptical too. If I'm stuck at home in the blizzard, perhaps I should exercise a bit.
Heaven knows the trek through knee deep snow to the bus stop (trying not to freeze my eyeballs) this morning had to count for something. Luckily it's my turn to *not* shovel snow...bwa ha! I know it's good for you...but lazing and watching the hubs do it while I drink tea is *so* much better don't you think? :)

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Cara said...

I didnt even know it was possible to get to negative 40 without DEATH. lordy. good luck with that!!