The chronicles of me and my butt

My butt and I got up this morning to a frosty house...but we were good.
I did my audio exercise workout (still haven't made a DVD) and tried to be it's my husband's week working nights, so he's home in the mornings instead of work. I hope I'll be less stiff this week...we'll see.
It's odd - I forget how loud I get in the mornings, cranking the stereo and singing while getting ready for wotk and all that. I feel *too* quiet when I just do my thing quietly...I'd feel rude waking him up. He says he won't mind, but it's like peeing when someone is just can't do it can you? :)

I think when I get home I'll run about the place yelling "WOOO!" for good measure.
Yes. That'll do the trick nicely...

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