Annoying thing about asthma #549

My inhaler is missing - no clue where I put it.
So as a result, my workout was cut short this my lungs started to act up at about 15 minutes into my 30 minute workout. I managed to slow down and make it to 20 or so minutes, but then had to stop. Usually I use my inhaler *before* I start and all is well. Then I can push myself and exercise all out. Or just see how far I can go before I need it...some really nice days I can get away without it. It's rare, but sometimes it happens...
But not today.
VERY frustrating.
I beg all of you - DO NOT take your lungs for granted. If you get viral pneumonia or some othe nasty lung trashing thing like I did in university and have difficulty breathing DO NOT ignore it. Don't pretend you are fine. It will NOT get better. You only have one set of lungs and if you don't look after them, they'll get damaged, and you'll end up like me. Now I will admit that I don't have it as bad as a great deal of people out there...but because I was a stubborn twit back in university, chilled air and exercise trigger my asthma and make my lungs squeak, contract and slowly close up.

And it's it's just one more barrier that stops me from getting back in shape.
But I will. Make no mistake of that.
Suffice it to say I'll be getting another inhaler soon...


Thanks for the warning, that sounds like really good advice! The last thing I need is another barrier to working out. And I'm pretty attached to being able to breathe.
IAAdmin said…
I can sympathize with you about losing things. I need my glasses in order to read, and if they get lost or broken, reading is impossible. Losing them happened to me just once. Now, I have several spare pairs........:)
Reb said…
As another asthmatic, oh boy can I sympathize. Try coffee, it helps to open up the bronchial tubes. Make sure you are breathing deep into your lungs too, many people don't.

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