Baby steps to the snooze button.

Yesterday was the longest day ever. I had meetings and errands and duties until 11:30 PM. But I did all my things...I even shovelled the snow in the yard.
And then I snuggled into my lovely warm bed and I slept. The night before I'd woken up every few minutes with dreams of falling, being chased, name it. Nothing really traumatic - just nothing I could actually sleep through either.
So needless to say I was bagged by the end of it all and this morning I just reset the alarm for 30 minutes extra sleep. I'm feeling a bit guilty but I'm very glad I did. I feel loads better with the extra sleep and I'll be healthy all day - scouts honour. And I'll work out even more tomorrow...
Things must be a bit better...last week the day after the first of the week's ball workouts I couldn't move without whining. Today I feel just fine.
Baby steps...


Cara said…
You are kicking butt!
Sleep is important! Hope your dreams are a little more cooperative next time.

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