Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mumbly and sore

I crazily attacked the yard all tuesday evening, mowing and raking and all that...hours of that made me less stiff than I thought. Yesterday I had a good workout at my bellydancing class, by the end of class I was stiff and sore and tired and crampy and all together quite miserable.
Today...still miserable I'm afraid. Achy and headachy and all that. Being a woman sucks sometimes...but at least I know it'll be over soon.
I do plan on going for a nice run tomorrow - I find that mentally I crave it. The act of being outside, alone and physically exerting myself - it's like a form of meditation for me -it really is. Unfortunately(right when the class is done!) I seem to be getting used to the different movements and am not getting achy knees the next day anymore from bellydancing so they don't ache when I run. Sooo, I now have to keep practicing without a class to go to to keep both up- it will be tricky. I really enjoyed it - it was fun and made me feel very sexy, as well as taught me a bit about the dedication that dancers must go through for their skills...and I that I am quite uncoordinated. I did learn a full 3 minute routine I'd like to practice and get good at...I've ordered a hip scarf (squeee!) and hope that in a while I can do a very nice belly dance routine for my love some snowy evening.
Today...mumbly and sore. Keep telling myself I'll be better soon...

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Cara said...

Good luck feeling better! At least you know it will pass in a few days :-)