I ran this morning and it was COLD. About 0...there was frost on everything and it was rather pretty but I didn't warm up until about 10 minutes in to my run...I was glad when I fanally did. So very cold.
I still enjoyed it and my knees didn't bug me until the last minute or so, but I'm dreading calling an end to it all soon...I just don't know how my lungs will deal with the cold once it gets below -5 or so. The cold aggrivates my asthma so I'll just have to see. I'[ll keep at it as long as I can. I used to ride my bike to work until it snowed, so maybe that'll be my run cutoff too. It's been a good encouragement to keep at the running the last few days...that there's only a bit left.
I just like slipping into the mental rythm and focusing on the movement of my legs and arms and my breathimg...just relaxing and feeling the movement of my body, hearing my heart beat, looking at the sky and thinking through whatever pops into my head.
I'm looking forward to a run in daylight on sunday. All the geese are heading south and I hope there'll be a lot more to see in the daylight!

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