lazy buttmuffin

Well...I've been quite the lazy buttmuffin this week.
I did my run on Monday, and then my belly dance class on wed night, which again did a number on my knees, so I have been holding off on running till they feel "normal". I figure I'll just get knees used to this and then the class will be over, but it's a lot of fun. Our final 2 classes we're learning an actual routine, which is rather cool.

And because I don't work tomorrow I can go for a nice run in the daylight. It's been frosty in the mornings, but it should be warm enough my after breakfast for things to be runnable. And there's lots of yard stuff to do too, so I'll be a good little girl all weekend and look after myself.

I think I just need to start using the cross trainer in the basement again. It's so very boring compared to being outside, but a whole lot warmer...

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