Geese in Spaaaaaaaace!

Wella wella well.
It was a nice frosty run this morning...about 1 degree. But it was very pretty...the river was like glass and the stars were reflected back in it and the geese that are on their way through on their fall migration were floating along, like geese in outerspace. Quite surreal.

I did the 9 minute run 1 minute walk four times, but the last few minutes my knees began to hurt a lot so I walked the last bit. Annoying development. Perhaps The bellydancing is stressing my knees more than I thought....or I need to scale back the runn bits a bit. I don't want to wreck my knees...they've never bothered me before this so it's a new thing.
Anyone have tips for sore knees? I'm not sure how common a thing this will turn out to be, but I want to be kind to my knees so when I'm old I can still walk about.

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