Do or do not...there is no try

It is funny how knowing you can do something makes it possible. I always thought it was hokey, but it honestly does apply. Yoda was right after all.
Yesterday I knew I could run 35 minutes without stopping from the Cancer run, so I thought "why don't I change my usual run up a bit and run 9 min and walk 1 four times" instead of the usual 5 and 2. And I did, no problem at all...went the same distance and took about the same time. It was a bit chilly in the morning, but the chill was due to the crystal clear skies...I stargazed as I ran - very beautiful. So I guess I'll do that from now on. Feels like I jumped ahead somehow!

It's so nice and "normal" to be back to a regular schedule after working the pledge drive for 2 weeks. I have the energy to get up to run in the mornings again. I amm annoyed that I somehow hurt my foot yesterday evening (no idea how) so I might not run for a few days, just to be sure I don't make things worse if it doesn't stop hurting today.

I'm looking forward to bellydancing class tonight. We're supposedly learning how to combine the lower body and upper body moves we've learned so far...I'm very uncoordinated so it should be very comical tonight. If you hear screams and see a small running crowd of women tonight, it is from me madly flailing about and possbily injuring them and driving them away in terror.
Ah well, what can ya do? Have a good day all.

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