Went for a run on sunday morning (well OK noon, I slept in) and learned something - running to trance music is a great way to get a full workout. I realised I'd never run to a favourite older trance album of mine (Tranceport - Paul Oakenfeld) so I called it up on the old iPod and went for a run in the sun across the river. It was a bit windy and chilly, but once I got going I was warmed up. Sweating and breathing hard in fact. The thing about a whole album of music at about 110 BPM is you really get moving without noticing it...I went further than usual and had to stick to my old 5 minutes run 2 minutes walk regimen as I was actually panting with a slight side stitch at the end of my runny bits. It really was a good solid workout and I pushed myself a bit. It felt good, but the last stretch coming home was tough - I should've had breakfast before I went out as I was at the very end of my energy reserves when I stumbled panting in the front door to stretch and do the usual situps.
Reward? Oatmeal with stewed strawberries and cream. YUM!
Yes,...I can be bribed to do anything, including self discipline, with tasty food! (and I wonder, is bribing myself negating my former discipline? :))

Albums to run like an idiot to: Tranceport - Paul Oakenfeld.

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