The world has an attitude

Some days I wonder....

I woke up before my alarm this morning, in a glitteringly good mood, cat purring by my head. Got dressed, grabbed some music and water and went out to run - nice weather...about 15 degrees and cloudy. Went down by the river where I could watch the birds and see the sun rise on the water.
Then about 5 minutes into my run I realised I forgot my inhaler and had to adjust my pace to keep my breathing relatively regular, as my lungs were sqeaking abit. I managed to find a pace that was doable.
"OK, this is good" I thought, "no prob".

Then it started to sprinkle rain.
"Just a bit of deweyness" I thought and smiled. As I ran, it was actually nice and cooled me off, and I said "aha! a little rain can't hurt me".

Big mistake.

The sky opened up in response and it POURED rain on me for the last 15 minutes of my run. Because I was already out and on my way back towards home there was nothing for it except to just tuck the ipod into my sleeve and mumble as I ran a long in the rain, glasses all drippy and fogged up and shoes squelching with every step.

The warm shower after felt *so* good and cheered me up a bit...but I'm not sure why the world is insistant on trying to ruin my mood some days - it seemed to be taunting me today. Now that I'm all dry and sipping warm coffee, it is all fine again, but I was beginning to wonder there for a bit.

Perhaps I should not say things out loud and invest in that good rain coat I've been talking about.

Music to drown by: The Crystal Method - Vegas

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Amanda said...

I've done this a number of times! I think someone is watching and laughing each time I say "oh this isn't bad".