Eeees chilleeeeee yeeeeees?

Eet eees so veeeeery coooold today my dahlings.

So instead of running in 1 degree weather I went downstairs to the crosstrainer and did 40 minutes. I'll admit it wasn't the most enthusiastic workout ever...probably about 32 minutes I was actually trying, but I did it. It's good for me. I took it easy yesterday as my back is still abit sore form the bellydancing class I started Wed night - I have some practicing to do for next week, as I'm not very coordinated in my jiggling yet. I'm hoping to ge ta nice sunny afternoon run in on Sunday. It's been a while since I've run in the daylight!

I was so pleased to hear that someone I work with who was encouraged by me learning to run and started out himself is now able to run 5 minute stretches too. He is only out for 35 minutes total, but he said his high blood pressure is no longer high...and his daughter has been running with him too. Another coworker wants to start too. It's contagious.


Soon we'll all be running!

Music to exercise in the basement to: Ursula 1000 - Ursadelica

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