Panic run

I gave myself a super adrenaline boost this morning by accident.

On my run I've decided to stick to the road now, as it's quite dark out now when I run in the morning and I'm not feeling too safe on the wooded paths I usually run on at the edge of the river. It's all semantic, I know, as it's the same time of day as before, and there's only ever one other lady out, and she's running too...when it's really dark our I just can't see ahead or into the trees, so I can't be sure it's safe as I run. And I'm scared of the dark it doesn't help.

This morning, I was feeling moody sticking to the roads so I thought I'd skip in and run the brief 250m or so section down right by the river through the trees as it's so beautiful and the geese are on the river...but it was way too dark and spooky and no light was getting through the trees and I felt as though there could be a whole gang of people there just waiting for me and I wouldn't know until I was trapped and couldn't get out and I basically freaked myself out...and then the song serial thriller came on my walkman...which I misheard as serial killer...and so I literally surged with adrenaline and sprinted full out through that section and back out to the road where I caught my breath! I'm an idiot I know. I think I'm just going to have to stick to the road as boring as it is... It's funny as I don't know why I feel safer on the paths when the sun is up during the summer...I just do. My city is generally a safe place...I just felt like I was tempting life too much, you know?

I did do my 42 minutes of run 5 walk 2 though...although I was pretty out of breath by the end. I don't normally run all out in the middle of my run...

And on the weekend I did lots of walking...went for e 3 hour hike with Jay on Sunday through the woods across the river. It was so nice...and daylight out too...

Music to sprint madly by: Prodigy - Fat of the Land

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