So yeah.
I was going to run this morning but my alarm didn't go off.
So I slept in and was late for work. My whole day is thoroughly screwed up.
So perhaps thursday then. I learned last week not to bellydance and run on the same day so I won't run tomorrow, althtough I might walk to work.


Rimshot said...

Is running after work out of the question?

I ask because I've never been able to get up early enough to do ANYTHING before work.

Geosomin said...

If I leave it until after work I can't get off my ass and actually do it. I supposed I *could*, it's just easier to fit it in if I do it in the morning...
I know me too well. After work by the time I eat and do all I need to do it's about 8 and by then running is the *last* thing I want to do. And if I do then I can't inthe morning works better. It's hard some days, but often it wakes me up and if I'm half awak through some of it it doesn't seem so bad! :)