4 days till race day

I went to belly dancing class last night - man, what a workout!
My knees and calves and abs are very stiff. I have all kinds of cool jiggly moves to practice - it's a lot of fun. AND I stepped on the scale this morning out of curiosity and I'm down to 130!
I haven't weighed that since I was a kid. I've was always a plump child and adult until I started working out and eating well a few yearsa ago and once I dreamed of weighing 125...many years ago at my largest (Just about 180 - which for short little me is a lot). And honestly where I am at now is fine. More than fine - I feel great...if I lose a few more pounds then whoopeee, but I'm happy and healthy...and THAT is what it has been all about the last while. I'm not dieting anymore, I'm just *living*.
Wow. I feel very proud of myself :)

I'm looking forward to tomorrow...it's my day off at my lab job so I can get up and have a nice long run in the sun before heading off to may last ever (YES) pledge drive shift at the community station.
Then on Saturday...I'm doing nothing. At all. I'm going to veg like broccoli. It's gonna be great.

And Sunday? Well it's the breast cancer run.
Yay...I'm nearly at my goal of raising $300.
Last chance to pledge you guys! Hop to it :)
Come on...I'm running 5K, toss me some change!

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