Note to self - take it easy

On thursday my legs and knees hurt in a new and slightly scary way - not the sore muscley way but the "easy girl you really pushed it" kind of way. I have to remember not to run on the days I have bellydancing class - my knees just aren't cut out for all that.
Today? Well my knees still twinge and ache a bit in those odd ways and my calves are a bit swollen, so I didn't run today...I'm not going to go and injure myself. I know I can run the distance I need to next weekend, and I dont' want to really hurt myself. I don't feel too guilty about it, as I'm off to hear some good music this weekend, so I will dance up a storm I'm sure, but right now, my knees are politely asking me to still take it easy.
So I will.
Have a nice weekend!

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Rimshot said...

Careful GEO, rest is just as important as exercise (more, if you use me as an example (don't)).

You'll have to share some of your secrets. I can't seem to break the barrier to the next level.