Running, and canoeing and bears, oh my!

I got to run at the lake this weekend (and I ran friday before we left I might add!).

Wow. I love running up there! Jay and I went for a walk in the rain too - it was really nice.
Running through the trees with critters and such to watch is so inspiring. I even saw bats up there at night- never saw one of them up there before!
Although I'm not sure I've ever eaten that much in a weekend before in my life, I did do a lot. J and I even went for a 2 hour canoe ride this was beautiful...and although there were bears about, what with it being berry season, we never ran into one at all...

I also got to visit with a friend of my parents who is just recovering from her breast cancer treatment - I'm inspired agian for the run, and wonder at her strength. Although she'd be embarrased to know it, I'm running for her in September.
Her treatments went well -after the mastectomy, other surgeries and chemo they seem to have caught it all - she'll be OK. i want good news for other breast cancer patients too...


Crabby McSlacker said...

Sounds like a lovely time at the lake!

And I'm glad to hear your friend is doing well. I'm with you in wishing the best for all breast cancer patients too.

Danelle said...

Although she'd be embarrased to know it, I'm running for her in September.

Do you plan on telling her? I think it's very thoughtful of you to do it in honor of someone in your life. It's important to do it for people we don't know, but doing it for someone in particular shows how it affects everyone on a personal level.

Very cool. :)