Long dark thirties

This morning I got up to run, and it wasn't so bad. J worked literally all day yesterday and was up again at the crack of dawn for more work (poor guy). I tried to be encouraging before I ran off, but I don't know how coherent I was at 5:15 in the morning...I hope his day is better today.

It's darker now in the mornings. It's still warm tho - I can still run in shorts, tank top and zip up shirt, but I had to turn on the function on my watch that lights up the display when I move my wrist about. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to read the display as I ran to know when to run/walk without concentrating on it so hard I'd probably trip over something and fall down...
After 1 stint of 2.5 min walk and 4.5 minute run I thought "I can do more" and went back to 2 minutes walk and 5 minutes run for the other 5 times. And it was fine...almost too easy. Maybe I need to start running faster? Or maybe I'm just finally back to where I was before the holidays and not feeling as though I may die when I run longer distances is such a pleasant surprise.
I think I'll start to log what I listen to as I run too...for my own curiosity.

Now if I could just convince the sun to come up BEFORE I'm done my run it would be even better. It's nice looking and all and light out by the time I"m done, but I have to run on the road as I'm not comfortable on the secluded woody paths in the dark on my own - and that is much more boring...and slightly less safe for different reasons now that I think about it. Not a lot of cars out when I'm out, but I think I'll have to invest in a running jacket with reflecty bits on it just in case...I've been eyeing one up for a while now.

Music to run by: Chemical Brothers - Brother's Gonna Work It Out

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