Rainy days and catflexing

This morning I woke up, hit snooze....hit snooze again and then remembered the dialog on Cranky Fitness (thanks Crabby) and got up to work out. After I was ready to go I looked outside to see an absolute pea soup of a day - foggy, misty rain at about 10 degrees.
"screw that" I thought and went downstairs, put on some loud music and hopped on the crosstrainer machine for 45 minutes. It was far less interesting and harder to keep up my speed than being outside, but I did my workout. AND I stretched out fully and did some situps after. The cats were annoying me to no end (after watching me exercise the whole time from the top of the bookshelves...lazy critters) so I picked up Geek and tried to do some arm curls with him just to see what he'd do.
He was not amused and wriggled to freedom -BUT at least he left me alone to stretch after.
I had to laugh, as when I was snooping on the net this morning before work I ran across a book linked to in the comments on Cranky Fitness' entry for this morning - a book on "Catflexing". It's all about working out with your cat...apparently mine won't go for it, although the photos on the back of someone lunging and donig pushups with a cat on their back made me smile, as I'll admit to having done both of those things on a number of occasions...mostly when Geek won't leave me alone while stretching or exercising. It appears that only *he* can pick the workout though...plus I just don't think I'll go there for the sake of fitness! It's just a bit too far into the crazy cat lady realm for me...

Ah well. Rainy days and cats seem to go together well don't they? :)

Workout tunage: At War With The Mystics (Flaming Lips) and Endangered Species (Nikodemus).

Footnote: Later today:MAN are my sides and back stiffening up. I forgot how much you move your back/arms on that damn elliptical. I'm not used to it anymore, And *different* muscles are sore...wish I knew a good masseuse...

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