1 day left!

Yay - I just dropped off my pledges and preregistered for the Breast Cancer run tomorrow. I managed to raise just 6 dollars short of $400! Yay! And (bonus) it turns out we get team shirts after all...how cool is that? Somehow it all worked out.
Our team is meeting tomorrow morning at 9 and the run is at 10.
I'm going to run for my Mom's friend Shirley who is recovering from chemo right now.
I can't wait - I feel as though I'm using my powers for good...

And then breakfast with J...I have been promised taters.
MMMMMmmmmm....I like taters.

Later taters...


Rimshot said…
Let me know where to send it, and I'll make up the $6.00. Its not much, but I'd be glad to help.
Geosomin said…
That's very cool of you...
If you like, go to the link to the Run for the Cure on the right of my blog, it'll take you to the race website where you can make donations. It doesn't have to be specific to me, just to the Saskatoon run. My team's name was 5K or Bust, but I don't know if you can pledge to teams still or not, but they are still accepting general donations until the end of October.
And...well, it's the thought that counts and I do thank you for that :)

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