Mummy's day

Well, I went to a DJ breaks night (Eve's revenge II) on saturday night so I didn't run Saturday. I left it until today to be nice to my legs. Last time I tried to dance for hours after running the same day my legs were used up and I was really sore the next instead I did lots of errands and work in the yard over the weekend to make up for it. Yard looks great.

Today I was good though and went out for my run along the rivert. 3.5 minutes walk + 2.5 minutes run 6 times plus 10 minutes fast walk. I made sure to cool down for 5 minutes and stretched a fair bit. I feel pretty good. I've been stiff all week, so it's nice to feel relatively "normal" for a bit.
I forgot the inhaler again so it was a bit hard on the lungs until I got into ta rhythm after 20 minutes or so, but it went OK. I must remember that - makes it much easier to run when you can breathe properly

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