Bang on!

Banks and banks of humming machinery. I've never seen so many knobs. Try that one right there. No? How about that one? Here, hold my hat while I try this one here....Bang on!

Well, I was out late at a movie, but still crawled out of bed on 4 hours of sleep to run in the freezing cold (-2!). I was pretty groggy at the start, and I forgot to use my inhaler. Usually when it's cold it makes my airways squeak up, but I failed to remember and so I squeaked the whole way today - made it very difficult. Funny how being able to breathe makes the running simpler and much more enjoyable - go figure eh?
Today's assignment was 3 minutes fast walking + 2 minutes jogging 8 times - 40 minutes. I did it...and stretched a fair bit. My legs are really getting stiff...I wonder if that's normal or if I'm just not doing it right. I wish there was someone I could ask about these things...

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