All God's chidren got shoes

Well, Wednesday was a write off. I had cramps, was very tired and I didn't work out. It was all I could do to come to work and although I felt better as the day went on, the ball workout did not happen. Bad me. Being a woman is very inconvenient sometimes...But did I give up?
I decided Thursday was a new day and that I would make sure I kept up on the running and ball work form now on.
And to help that, since I just got paid, I picked up a REAL pair of running shoes last night. I tried on a lot of different pairs. Apparently I roll my ankles a bit when I run and need a bit more support, and after trying on many pairs of shoes, and consulting with a lady in a running store about how I walk and what I need for my feet, I found a pair I love...and after a bit of searching, in a different store in a color I love too (yellow :) ) Color matters people, don't say it doesn't!
And so I present my soft pillowy new shoes: Asics gel 1120's:
I can't say enough about them. After this morning's run I am so glad I got them. They are fantastic - extremely comfortable and cushioning when I ran this morning - no stress on my knees at all, and they kept my feet from rolling when I ran. I never realised how beat up my old Puma running shoes were...I've had them for 4 years and they weren't that good to begin with - they were more for aerobics and gym stuff, not running. I figured I'd better get some decent shoes before I end up with some sort of stress injury to my calves or knees,as I've read it is common in running if you don't look after your feet with decent shoes. So far I've just had stiffness and I want to keep it that way.

And so yes this morning I crawled out of bed to do my run: 3minutes fast walk + 2 minutes run 6 times. Seemed like a cake walk after Tuesday's assignment. I made sure I did plenty of stretching too...feels great to be back at it.

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