Woohoo...look at me go!

This morning I woke up smiling at 5:15 and did my workout with time to spare:

3.5 minutes walk + 2.5 minutes run seven times with 10 minutes fast walk at the end.
And I felt freaking *great* afterwards. Had breakfast and everything.
I do think it would be easier to run without my pants falling off though. Turns out my spiffy red sweats aren't really made for vigorous athletic workouts...they keep sliding down when I run. And since it was 0 this morning and I was gloved and toqued up as I ran, having my bottom pop out was not something I wanted...chilly butt indeed.

I have to track down a paper to get my other workouts for the week, but I'm officially registered for the marathon so I can't back out now.
Mee hee.

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