Sunday sunny sunday

Nice weekend.
And today I was very good and I went for my training run first thing - beautiful day! I got to run in shorts and a tank top - must've been 20 degrees out there :)
I did 5 cycles of walk 3.5 minutes and run 2.5 minutes, with 10 minutes fast runninga t the end. I went all th way to the mendel and back. I also was sure to do lots of stretching. I've found a few different calf stretches, hamstrings and one for the outside miscle between the hip and knee. Apparently the cause of a lot of injuries is not stretching so that stiff muscles cause knee problems. So I"l b esur eto stretch as much as I can. Once again the new shoes were fantastic. It was a harder go this time, but I had to stop myself from bouncing as I ran as the shoes were so great...I figured hopping is not good for the legs!
It was a fun run because there was a marathon yesterday for a local charity so comeone had taken sidewalk chalk and posted bad puns and jokes along the path I I had something to read while I went. It was reall unique. Plus there were so many other people out walking and running too. And I was one of them.


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