This is insanity yo

This morning I got up and did the first Insanity workout. Eep. Hard. Oddly burned less calories than my tabata class does...but I had to stop a few times to catch my breath so I know I worked hard. I feel good now. Ready for the day though. Starting to get visible muscles in my shoulders again - getting stronger :)

sweaty high five anyone?
It's a snowy blizzardy windy mess of a day. Not too cold (-12C) but the wind is absolutely ridiculous with a tonne of blowing snow.  Winter's last hurrah I think. J and I spent an hour shoveling the yard out from the snow dump we got yesterday after supper and literally as soon as we stopped it started snowing again....meh. It was so nice for the last few weeks - we got spoiled. If I lived out of town I would not be at work today.

But I am. Because in Saskatchewan that is how we roll. Just a little snow...haha. It's why when we see other cities talk about a massive snowfall and storms and there's just an inch of snow we scoff. We've got about a foot of it in a day and a half and more is coming - but  that is winter in Sask. Gotta hate it and love it at the same time.

Have a good day. Keep warm!

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grapecat said...

high five right back atcha beautifulxxxx