ah that's better

OK, for the most part the weekend was a lot better. Lots of great times with friends and the Krafty Kuts show was brilliant....danced until my feet hurt. Technobreakfast was a hell of a lot of fun and the french toast was superb. The movie out with H was fun and although it turns out that they must (unfortunately) sell their house we were able to talk a while. It sucks to have to make tough decisions, but you have to do what you have to do. Rather than lose their house they're gonna scale down. When she gets back from work next week we're gonna hang out more. Try some winter crafty visits with much happiness but little cost.

I also got to go to a big clothing swap on sunday too which was nice. I got rid of stuff I never wear and got a bunch of nice work stuff (some sweaters and cardigans and dress shirts) along with a nice bathing suit, a skirt, a great festival jacket (a giant fuzzy lined suede fur collared long monstrosity that will keep me warm...) and a great pair of silver trainers. Hee hee. No pants this time, but it was fun to just rummage and try on a bunch of stuff. I took home a few things I wouldn't normally wear to try cuz it's all free so why not?

This upcoming week I'll be alone without the car a lot since J will be out of town for most of it, but I'm looking forward to it. I fimd with him being home he gets bored when I am home from work and jsut want to relax or read and make stuff or watch TV...or (god forbid) do chores and work on the house. I'll get some serious down time for a while and I need it.  I always do work and then feel like I'm ripping myself off because instead of relaxing I spend all my free time alone doing chores...it's lame. So yes I'm gonna spend some serious time attacking the house and getting some yard work done (like the raking J said he'd do...grrr...) as well, but I want to get set up for a winter of crafting and working in the house. Yes J should be doing more around the house when he's home but I can't wait anymore - if I plan to work on my craft room so I have it back again and I can get work done I need to just do it- I'm tired of waiting.  I have some crafting and other ideas and I'd like to get to (some of which will be christmas presents)...so here we go...

For now it's another week.

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