Dilauded and fudge go together like...

Dilauded has been making my life more civilized the last week or so. Keeps the intense muscle pain at an acceptable distance so that I am not miserable while I recover. I was reading up on it today and found an answer as to why, since I have been on it, I have uncharacteristically craved sweet things. Case in point - I bought a big brick of (so delicious) Almond Joy fudge yesterday and I am slowly working my way through it. Apparently hydromorphone lowers your blood sugar as it acts so you crave sugar sometimes while taking it.
So there you go.
Fudge is sometimes medically necessary.

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Yum Yucky said...

In a one paragraph blog post you have epicc-ly proven fudge to be the answer. I expect your findings to be released in scientific journals worldwide. It's just the right thing that should happen.