Fiddly invisible work

We did a lot of fiddly work yesterday but you can't tell. Nevertheless, things are coming along and the worst of the crappy work for the renos is over with. Yesterday was all the tub and shower plumbing hookups and copper pipe work to get the new faucet and shower assembly feeds in where they need to be and all the drains for the tub hooked into the system. After much cursing and swearing on my Dad's part it is all done and all leaks have been tended to. I spent the day priming and painting the vanity. It looks great. One more coat of paint and it's done. I've also started patching the hole in the bedroom wall.
We also picked up the countertop for the vanity so I hope that is almost the last of our purchases. It seems like we've been to buy stuff every day 3 or 4 times. Lots of little things but they all add up. Like 12 tubes of tub surround adhesive for instance...sheesh. The original countertop we'd picked out at Rona a few days ago that couldn't be gotten to at that time because of renovations in the store wasn't there when we went back, even though the online system said they had them. Grrr. We panicked a bit thinking we'd have no countertop since they take 2 weeks to order in. The thought of this chaos going on indefinitely was not a good one...apparently Rona's online inventory is not to be trusted - the guy who tried to help us find it said he wouldn't rely on it. But in the end we just went to Home Depot instead. The top we ended up with from there that they had in stock was different and not exactly what we wanted (and of course about $20 more) but it is alright should look nice with everything, so we grabbed it and just decided it would be good enough. Other than a few bits of ABS pipe for the sink drain and some vanity handles I don't think we need to buy anything else...I hope I hope...

We went to visit my brother to have a shower last night. It felt good :) Hopefully after today and maybe tomorrow we'll at least be able to bathe at our place...shower by the weekend sometime again. That will be nice. I haven't worked out since monday since there's no way to rinse off and I've been up late working on things so it was better to sleep than come in to work and use the gym here...looking forward to getting back to some sweat soon. I want a few workouts in and at least one proper bath before my surgery.

On the crafty front my flapper dress looks AMAZING. I found some red silk for J and made him a cravat tie as well to go with his red and black vest so we should be quite styley for the party friday night. I've sewn on a few rows of white 5 inch fringe and just need to sew on the stripe of snazzy trim ribbon at the top of the fringe for a low waistline. I have enough sparkley trim left to add some feathers to for a headpiece, and also have a long length of silver beads to make a necklace so I'm pleased at how good this looks for so little work. Since we will definitely not be done the bathroom by friday I'm bussing back to help Dad Saturday morning and Dad will meet me at the bus depot and we can keep working together for the rest of the weekend. It's looking like it'll be monday or tuesday before we're done all this...but the end is in sight!

Today I have my preop checkup. Slowly but surely things are coming along.

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