Pie for breakfast

The insanity workout for today was actually called Cardio Recovery so I figured it'd be easier. Well there wasn't cardio but there was a lot of squats and lunges and pulses and planks and butt, ab and balance work. It was just as tough as the other workouts but for different reasons. My legs and butt were on fire. Whew! I'm determined to do this and see it through as best as I can and see what kind of a change I can make in my body before surgery...it'll be a long rest up time then and a slow slow rebuild after surgery. The better shape I'm in the better I will heal. All I know is right now I feel AMAZING.

I discovered a new amazing breakfast too. I had leftover pumpkin from some muffins I made earlier and added 1/3c of it with a banana and some cottage cheese, pie spice, a bit of stevia and almond milk. It was like a pie for breakfast. Yummers.

I must dash. Much to do. Have a great day!

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