I feel good nah na nah nah nah na nah

I got a haircut. It seriously rocks. Funky with plum hairpainted highlights. I am most happy. Having a friend who's a wicked hairstylist is a great thing :)

This morning's workout was "Pure Cardio". It wasn't too bad. i stopped for a break when I needed it and made some of the more knee bouncy things less bouncy and got through it fine, all covered in sweat. A solid workout.
Now I'm back at work getting ready for one last day of work before I get to go visit my Dad with J and my sis and her husband for the long weekend. It's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend so that means lots of card games, wine, pie and turkey with family. I can't wait. My brother and his wife can't come because she has pneumonia (poor thing) so it won't be crowded. I'll miss them but she has so many weird dietary needs so it will be a lot simpler just making whatever we want for meals...more relaxing.
Must dash.
Science awaits.



solarity said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy haircut!
Mary Anne in Kentucky

Yum Yucky said...

You are looking so beautiful and sassy! That picture makes me smile.