Heeeeeeeere's Geo!

I'm back :)
What an awesome holiday - I feel like I've been away for months. First day back at work was spent catching up on old stuff and putting out fires, but not too crazy. I think it'll all be OK :)

There was much fringing when we could (saw some great plays) and Connect was a lot of fun. Really small and cozy and only 3 hours away. J even got to VJ at the main stage for over 4 hours of visuals during the headliners so he was very happy. I relaxed with more friends there than I thought would be there and came home quite happy too.
Then it was off to Ottawa. What a blast. The "house" we stayed in was on sale for about a million dollars...anyone have a spare million for me? I could very much get used to that life. We all fit in there and there was a 2 acre yard with trampline, 2 shaded decks, a giant hammock and a pool for us all to hang out in as well as a gloriously large main house area with a kitchen for us to all BBQ and visit in. SUCH a good time catching up with family. It's been too long. Then once everyone went home J and I did what we love to do best on holidays - found a central jumping off point and then spent 4 days walking around the city seeing historical sites and architecture, heating amazing food and just doing whatever we damn well pleased. There was a free outdoor video presentation at the parliament buildings which was awesome. On our anniversary we stumbled upon a Burmese restaurant that had some INCREDIBLE food and we wandered over to the Ottawa Riverside at the National History Museum to watch Belguim's contribution to the fireworks festival. It was all just great. The kind of holiday I love...the kind of life I love.
The day after I got back we had a spa day with my friend Heather and her 2 sisters - her hubbie wanted to give her a night out to relax and he rented us  a room so after manicure and pedicure we went out for a great meal and they yakked with beer until the wee hours - she even got a whole night of sleep. Yup...pretty stellar really. I've never been to a spa before...it was pricey but man...my feet feel amazing now :)

And now...back to normal life. Ah. 

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Yum Yucky said...

I could throw you a quick million. Ain't no sweat off my back. Just shoot me over your Paypal info. Or do you prefer wire transfer?