I do at the zoo

Just got back from phase 1 of holiday 2015. It was lovely. J's cousin got married in Calgary at the zoo and it really was a wonderful time. The wedding went great and we stayed with my sister and her husband so we got in a visit with them too. Since it was at the zoo I even got to go and watch the penguins (meep) between the ceremony and the reception...so hooray.
we clean up pretty good
 Now we're back home for a few days before we head out for the weekend to the Connect music festival. It's only a few hours away but we've never been. Usually we're doing the Fringe festival thing but this year J is working at one of the festival stages so he is going up early today and I'm heading up with a friend on friday. Should be fun. We can still get in some shows next week, so we won't miss out completely. An old aquaintance of ours, T.J. Dawe, is doing his thing at the Fringe this year and is in town staying with us for a few weeks as a billet. He's keeping an eye on our critters while we are away which is nice. Plus he's a great guest - and he's just an amazing guy J got to know during his years covering the past Fringes. TJ's one man plays are really some of my favourites that I've ever seen at the Fringe...if he's ever doing his thing at your Fringe go and see him - you won't regret it. It's been nice catching up with him. Kindred spirit, definitely.

But I must say that for right now,  once J is on his way, I'm going to go get in some Xander time and laugh up the evening with Heather and nuzzle ze bebe.

Yup. I like holidays :)


Yum Yucky said...

omg! Look at you both! I'm soooo happy you posted this pic. Squeee!!!

azusmom said...

Gorgeous, both of you!