sniff sniff

Well it's official. I am rather sickly. Yesterday after work when I got home I was totally exhausted, stuffed up and sniffling. I had some soup and then napped for an hour or so...and after a lazy evening I went to bed early. This AM I slept in instead of working out (I figure if I can't really breathe it's not a good idea to work out). I felt OK enough to come into work and still walked to work, but I'm thinking it's gonna be a few lazy days to try and kick this head congestion and start to feel a bit more human. It just seems to have come down out of the blue...and I'm annoyed.  But, I suppose it's better now than later I. The last thing I want is to be coughing after abdominal surgery! I have a bunch of yardwork I need to do over the weekend so I'm hoping I feel a bit better by then. We shall see.
For now I just want to munch and nap the day away...


Jennette said…
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Yum Yucky said…
Well you did it again. Soup. Now I was popcorn AND soup. Please get well in a jiffy. I insist.

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