laundry ninja to the rescue

I survived the weekend. Whew.
House warming parties and company in the house and dim sum and dance recitals and wedding showers and a stagette and then clearing out my deck to make it summer worthy to relax on all the rest of the summer. I managed to pull out of the stagette at a point that made my recovery bearable (I just cannot keep up with my cousin and her friends...and my lovely husband who rescued me is beyond wonderful). I would really like another day off to just nap and recover though. It was good to visit with J's aunt and uncle - they had their grandson with them and he was a little ball of are exhausting. Parents - I tip my hat to you. I don't know how you do it. :)

Best of all my buddy Heather had a lovely healthy baby boy on friday afternoon - 6Lbs 2oz. Little Xander has so much hair and is such a little cutie. I was able to visit with them for a bit on friday and am hoping after they've settled in for a bit at home I can pop by for a visit in a few days. The labour went really well for her and she is so deliriously happy. It's wonderful. :)

This morning I started the week's HiitMax by doing #6 again and a blogilates 5 minute butt workout and now I'm trying to get a bit of work done before i go in for my pre-op appointment this morning at the hospital. After this things should all be set up for my surgery next thursday.

My washing machine stopped draining thursday night but I think I can fix it. It happened right before family came so I haven't been able to look at it yet. I'm hopeful I can fix the pump myself...if I can just get in there to check it. It's a front loader so you might have to take the whole front off to get to it. We'll see. If it was cheap I'd have someone else fix it but I really don't have the cash to pay someone $300+ to fix my washer when I can likely do it myself for the cost of parts. I'm hoping it's just the drain that's clogged and that I won't even need to replace the pump but we'll see. Laundry ninja to the rescue.

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Yum Yucky said...

Grrrr. There is never a convenient time for a washer or dryer to break down. Here comes the laundry nin-jaaaa!