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Yesterday was crayzeee. Hiitmax 6&7 and then in for a long full busy day at work doing about 2 days worth of stuff in one. Then a nice walk home to make some chili and after a rest I attacked the washing machine. With the help of a repair video on you tube I was able to dismantle the machine to get the top and front off, drain the remaining water and remove the drain pump. I found a big rock in it so I took that out and the pump seemed to spin freely so I hooked everything back together and put all the bits back on. I'll give it a go tonight. I'm hoping that is all it takes to get it working again. If I have to replace the actual pump that'll be easy peasy now that I know where it is and how to get to it through the back of the machine. When I was done it was 11 so I figured Id save the victory test and dance for tonight. If you see disco lights in the distance tonight coming from the north it's me celebrating my home repair ninja skills.

This morning I got up to do the HiitMax 7 & 8 and had a nice walk to work with some tasty leftover chili for lunch. tonight I have a whole lotta nothing going on so I'm hoping to get a bit of yard work done and just relax in my oh so quiet and mostly clean house with no company. Just us.
Ah. The sweet sweet silence of home :)

It's been great to have the screened in deck ready for use again. We've been living out there and eating out there and I've enjoyed watching the cats check it out. Dax loves it. LOVES it. She's almost like a different cat out there -all perky and chittery and hunting flies and watching birds happily until we bring her in at night. Widjette is a little more unsure - she'd like to relax but there are so many new smells and sounds - I think it'll take a week or so before she doesn't start at any sounds and really relaxes out there. Sitting out there after supper with a drink listening to the birds and just relaxing after a long day is wonderful. I am looking forward to a whole summer of it :)

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solarity said...

Wow, rocks and plumbing really don't mix well. [autocorrect just decided "well" should be "eel." Huh? There are no eels in YOUR hovercraft, I'm sure.] I bow before your dismantling skills.

Mary Anne in Kentucky